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Welcome to Shapes by Damansara Heights Clinic, home of aesthetic medicine and care. Here you’ll find the newest aesthetic treatments that work on skin related issues, anti-aging concerns and weight loss, to name a few. 


Founded by Dr. Kuljit Singh, we are known as a leader in the field of aesthetic medicine and care. We owe our reputation to our highly personalized and meticulous approach to each and every case. We view every patient as a member of the Shapes family, and are proud to have helped patients from every corner of the globe to realize their aesthetic goals. 


Welcome To Our Family,

Shapes by DHC



Recipient of numerous awards, Dr Kuljit Singh is one of the most sought after in his field for hormone treatments as well as Thread lift procedures in Malaysia. 


Founder of Shapes by DHC, Dr Kuljit is renowned for having invented the K-Lift technique (minimally invasive technique involving threads for thread lifts that result in stronger and longer lasting lifts for his patients); compared to the use of only one thread beneath the skin, which he believes will not give his patients their desired and long lasting results.


Dr Kuljit is also a well known global speaker at various aesthetic conventions/events and will chair this years ADAC in Kuala Lumpur on Threads. 

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