Tighten & Lift While BURNING FAT!

Strong concentrated TriLipo RF energy causes contraction of the collagen fibers which gives an immediate effect of tightness in the focused treatment area. At the same time, increased fibroblast metabolism regenerates collagen and gives long-term firming effects.

Fat reduction is increased due to the pressure inside and outside the fat layer. On the inside, TriLipo causes muscle contractions, pushing up fat cells.  


On the outside, these fat cells are pressed by the pressure emitted by the hand piece placed onto the skin’s surface. The “squeezing” effect leads to fat drainage through the patented mechanism of lymphatic drainage.


Combined effects and benefits of the TriLipo improves blood circulation, optimising oxygenation and detoxification of the tissue, leading to trimmer, toner and better results. 


Results can be seen immediately and you only need to drop by once a week!

Great for targeting issues with adipose tissue, cellulite, and saggy skin. 

Great treatment option for those having suddenly lost a good amount of weight due to diet and exercise and those post pregnancy. 

Maximus TriLipo device works on three layers: it simultaneously stimulates dermis, subcutaneous tissue and muscles in order to enable triple action of fat reduction and contour body more effectively.


Combined effect of TriLipo RF and TriLipo DMA deeply and homogenously warms up skin and fat layer. TriLipo RF heats subcutaneous fat, which leads to the release of liquid fat from the cells. Thermal effect accelerates natural fat metabolism.

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  • wrinkle reduction

  • firm and rejuvenated skin

  • improved face contours

  • improved skin tightening

  • stretch marks and acne scars reduction

  • lifting, toning and firming of muscles

  • detoxification and lymphatic drainage

  • improved blood circulation and oxygenation

Terms & Conditions

*First Trial at RM300 is only claimable and usable by only one person per redemption 

*First Trial cannot be bought and used by someone who has already redeemed this promotion 

*For new and existing patrons

*Promotion Ends 31st March 2020

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