"Goodbye saggy brows! Here are the results of a K-Lift (an advanced kind of thread lift) on the brow - lifting the part that was drooping over the eyelid. Minimally invasive, short downtime, long results, much cheaper than surgery. Read more about a personal experience."

- Monica

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My Testimonial


Dr Kuljit is a caring doctor that is very methodical and clearly has the patients interest at heart. He turned my health around. I am eternally grateful.

- Abby

People often ask me , “do you miss Malaysia?” having lived there for a big part of my life. Whilst there are a list of things I miss, Dr Kuljit is definitely on top of that list.


I first met Dr Kuljit in 2011 at which time I was at the lowest point in my health. The worse part of it was I didn’t really know what was wrong me. I felt I was prematurely ageing and could put on weight simply by just breathing. This kind doctor put me through some blood tests and came up with a lifestyle plan for me.


It’s now been nearly 9 years and I have been following his plan which includes a healthy lifestyle and supplements amongst others. My health has been in their optimum levels and I look forward to my visits to Malaysia to have my yearly review/checkups with Dr Kuljit every year. He has truly changed my life.

- Abby


My Testimonial

Katriana Bachman.png

Today I‘m a healthy person, happy and feel younger than ever before.

- Katharina

GRATEFUL! Forever!


Dr Kuljit Singh is my HERO. He helped me to become a NON-DIABETES PATIENT, and to lose 23 Kilos! But not only me; there are hundred thousands of people worldwide presently, that are grateful to him too: From Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Canada, Japan, Costa Rica, Malaysia, Thailand, Denmark, Caribbean, Dubai, Abu Dhabi (Emirates), Holland, France, Italy, Spain, Poland, Turkey, Norway, Sweden, America, Australia ... and many, many more!


When I first met Dr Kuljit, I suffered from so many illnesses (high blood pressure, high cholesterol to name a few). Today I‘m a healthy person, happy and feel younger than ever before. After my life-change, I wrote a book about Dr. Kuljit and my experience in hopes that others may feel as happy and healthy as I do , thanks to him! 



- Author Katharina Bachman

Katharina Bachman is the author of SOS Exercise-Schmexercise in which she writes about Dr Kuljit Singh's life saving techniques for a happier and healthier life. For more information visit SOS Exercise-Schmexercise.